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Port Fairy VIC 3284

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Gladioli Restaurant is located in the historical Seacombe House “Stag Inn”. The Stag Inn was built in 1847 by Captain John Sanders. His schooner, the Dusty Miller had run aground on the rocks off Rabbit Island in 1842. He decided to stay in the small but fast-growing town of bark-roofed slab huts.Port Fairy was a town of whalers and pastoralists.
The Stag Inn was a remarkable building for its time. The Argus commented that ‘it would do credit even to Sydney’.  It boasted a dining room, a commercial room, five parlours, twenty bedrooms, eight second-class bedrooms, a bar and billiard room as well as private apartments.  Where the motel now stands were stables for twenty horses, which were used by wealthy squatters.  The 6000 gallon underground water tank still supplies fresh drinking water.
The ceiling of the Stag Restaurant is made up of the original pressed zinc and boards.  In the corner of the ceiling a square piece of wood has replaced the ladder that originally connected the dining room with the upstairs rooms.